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Lynne Pemberton

Interior designer Lynne Pemberton commissioned a portfolio style website to showcase some of her recent work. worked with Lynne to produce a website that allowed the fantastic photography to shine - whilst making site navigation a smooth and enjoyable process for the user.

A combination of techniques were used to give the site a rich look and feel without compromising on download speed. Careful planning and testing ensured that even though some of the latest tools were used - the site remained backwards compatible with older browsers and systems.

Lynne's site was designed with tablet browsers in mind in order to deliver a great experience when showing off the portfolio on an iPad or similar device.


what makes this site special?


custom site navigation

This portfolio style website called for some custom design when it came to enabling the visitor to quickly move around the fantastic images. created a gorgeous fade-in/fade-out gallery of images that overlays the main image, fades out when the mouse is not over it, and can be easily hidden - allowing the user to move through the images with secondary navigation.


pre-loaded images

Photographs can be notoriously slow to download - especially on slower internet connections. With this in mind, wherever possible we pre-load the images so that the navigation is as responsive as possible. Images begin a quick, but tastful cross-fade when navigation is activated.


easy to update

The content management system was tailored to allow the client to easily and instantly update her portfolio by adding/removing photographs and projects.

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